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I Am My Hair

Believe in Me series

I Am My Hair is about a young girl named Tanya who is excited about her first day of school, but runs into an issue after her new “friends” make fun of her hair. Tanya learns a valuable lesson about self-love. Her parents help her appreciate the uniqueness of her hair and of herself as a whole. This is a fun and quick read that allows girls of color to truly recognize their self-worth while they’re young.

I Am My Hair Coloring Book

I Am My Hair
Coloring Book

I Am My Hair Coloring Book is a fun-tastic book that accompanies its picture book. This book gives girls the opportunity to color Tanya and her funky fresh hairstyles, meet her family, and see what makes her smile. I Am My Hair Coloring Book features positive affirmations for the amazing girls out there to read while coloring.

A boy swimming in the ocean.

Swim Like The Fishes

Believe in Me series

Swim Like the Fishes is about a young boy named Charles who is super excited to go on his family’s beach vacation. There’s only one problem- he can’t swim. Charles feels self-conscious and afraid after an incident occurs during his first swimming lesson. Will he conquer his fear and learn how to swim in time for his family’s vacation?

Swim Like The Fishes
Activity Book

Swim Like the Fishes Activity Book provides hours of fun and learning about sea life and the pool. Filled with various types of puzzles that stimulate the mind and entertain. This book accompanies its picture book and is suitable for all children. Solve puzzles and let your creativity shine!

Troubled Minds

Short Story

Harrison’s predicament leads him to consider his options- turn himself in or live with his conscience.

I Feel You

There are so many words we can use to express our feelings, so why not use them? This book aims not only to teach children words for their feelings and broaden their vocabulary, but also to teach that feelings are healthy and only become unhealthy when we express them through inappropriate behaviors.

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