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True friendship knows no boundaries - Kinyel Friday

November 10, 2022

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True friendship knows no boundaries

This is a very heartwarming book. This was another purchase for my younger daughter, and she truly enjoys it! I had to re-read “Not My Lisa” for myself and it reminds me of the bond that my daughter has with her cousin. I remember my daughter being distraught of learning that her cousin was moving to another state. Everything in this book reminds me of what she went through and how she overcame it. Her cousin is pretty much “Lisa” in a sense, and they too are able to continue their communication no matter the distance. With that, Kinyel’s book shows the power of true friendship. That no matter the distance and no matter the hurdle, true friendship knows no boundaries. Thank you Kinyel and Robert for creating yet another exciting book for my children to enjoy!

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