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I Am My Hair

Tanya learns a lesson about self-love after she gets made fun of by her classmates. Therefore, her parents help her appreciate the uniqueness of her hair and of herself as a whole.

I Am My Hair is available for purchase at Amazon (e-book and paperback), and Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million, and My Store (paperback)! You can also check it out at Novi Public Library (Novi, MI) and Utica Public Library (Utica, NY).

Believe in Me series- Book One

Must read for young girls of color

In a world that doesn't always appreciate and celebrate girls and women of color, this book is a perfect example of promoting self-love and acceptance through the eyes of a child. Sometimes, we can all use a little pep talk or inspiration to remind us of who we are and the magic that we have. As such for little girls of color, this book is a great foundation to embark on this journey.