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I Am My Hair

You can also find I Am My Hair at Utica Public Library and Novi Public Library!

About I Am My Hair

Tanya learns a lesson about self-love after she gets made fun of by her classmates. Her parents help her appreciate the uniqueness of her hair and of herself as a whole.

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I Am My Hair Coloring Book and seven colorful bookmarks
I Am My Hair Coloring Book and Bookmarks

I Am My Hair

What Folks Are Saying…


What a great book to build confidence in little girls. I just read it to my daughter and she loved it. I’m teaching her to love everything about herself including her hair! And we bought this story just in time. Great message and entertaining! – Tara

Must read for young girls of color

In a world that doesn’t always appreciate and celebrate girls and women of color, this book is a perfect example of promoting self love and acceptance through the eyes of a child. Sometimes, we all can use a little pep talk or inspiration to remind us of who we are and the magic that we have. As such for little girls of color, this book is a great foundation to embark on this journey. – Crystal

Awesome Easy Quick Read!

I purchased a hard copy for my granddaughter not only because she is turning 7 very soon but she is very aware of her hair! The age category, 4-7 is right on target! Congratulations Kinyel! – Dreamai

Great Message!

This is an amazing book that will be a wonderful addition to a young readers library and/or classroom. I love the message and the book is beautifully written! – Yvelette

My Daughter LOVES this book!

Such an incredibly well-written book that encourages self-love, pride and confidence in our young girls of color, particularly. My daughter and I read ‘I Am My Hair’ together and now I utilize the end of the story as a daily motivator for her. It’s so important for our young ones to be able to embrace their differences and love their own unique qualities and I think that this book does a great job in conveying that message. We are definitely looking forward to checking out the next offerings from Kinyel! Bravo!! – Zo!

Make sure this book is in your classroom library, as well as your child’s personal library.

Wonderful book that can help children with self acceptance. – Christina

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