Kinyel Friday

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I Feel You

There are so many words we can use to express our feelings, so why not use them? This book aims not only to teach children words for their feelings and broaden their vocabulary, but also to teach that feelings are healthy and only become unhealthy when we express them through inappropriate behaviors.

I Feel You is available for purchase at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million, and My Store! 

Very important book on expressing feelings

Both my children and I were looking forward to another book by Kinyel Friday and here it is! This is a book that deals with expressing feelings, and it's especially good to express them early. The lessons here at least in my observation, tells the reader (child) that whatever you're feeling is okay. It's wonderful to be happy, joyful, playful and it's okay to be anxious, timid, shy, sad etc. The different feelings that one may feel is important. It is one's truth at their moment of expression. Kinyel has done it again as well as Mr. Robert Roberson, Jr.'s colorful and expressive illustrations! I am a new fan of his work! Excellent work once for the dynamic duo of Kinyel Friday and Robert Roberson, Jr.! We look forward to more!